April 29, 2010


He is eating a Malano Cookie!! It looks like we are witnessing an exciting moment in this hedgehogs life. This picture inspired me to look for some hedgehog themed cupcakes:


A rich icing cupcake: islandgirl4ever2.blogspot.com

Chocolate cupcakes with a whimsical spring theme: www.abakedcreation.com

A Plague on Hedgehog Manor

Bed Bugs. Even reading those two words side by side fills me with dread. I had them shortly after I got Peggy and they were a horrid, nasty pestilence that invaded my home and my nightmares. Dealing with the infestation was a living horror and I still have a quiver of terror if I have an itch on my leg or arm while I am in bed. What does this have to do with Peggy and this blog? Well treating the little wretches involved rounds of highly toxic chemicals saturating every porous surface in my house which would have killed my little Peg-a-leg without proper care for her.

The first thing you must do for your pets (especially small pets) is to remove them from the infected home to a safe place before you spray and before they get bitten. I was lucky enough that I had a willing partner in crime to house her and my Betta fish, Al. I emptied her cage and scrubbed it down and moved her without any bedding in the cage. I didn't want to cross contaminate his house with my vermin so I only brought her most essential, non porous items. When I got there I purchased and opened a brand new package of bedding and food for her. The old bedding and food was considered potentially infected so it got tossed.

I won't go into the details of dealing with your personal stuff after facing exterminators, pesticide sprays or chemical cleanings but I will say this, keep your pets out of the house and off these surfaces for at least a week. Their lungs are much smaller and more sensitive than ours and they will pick up the poisons on their paws, bellies and tails which can potentially kill them. I strongly recommend checking with the people spraying to see if it should be longer than a week before your pet is OK to return. Some chemicals are harsher than others.

Peggy, Al and I survived the bed bug armageddon but it did take serious planning for their safety to ensure that no one got sick or worse. Be careful when cleaning or spraying your place and you will keep your critters healthy. Even something as simple as washing your floor and then letting them run across it can hurt them.

April 28, 2010

Hogs from Other Blogs - LOL Edition

As I have said before I love the site icanhascheezburger.com. Here are some hedgehog gems presented without comment:


Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

A hedgehog's heart beats roughly 300 times per minute. For comparison, the human heart averages 70 -75. That is crazy!!!

Hedgehog Babies Part 2

Ok, My friend Rachel sent me the pics below and I change my vote. I think baby hedgehogs look more like they are little Muppets than a folding hairbrush. I'm not sure if that is a compliment?


April 24, 2010

All Bones About It

Isn't this cool? You can see those four gangly legs I keep mentioning as well as their little tail. To be totally honest, I have never seen this tail. It might be a myth like Nessie, Sasquatch and using algebra in real life. Below is a sketch of a hedgehog balled up. You can see how they are totally protected from predators like this:

Hedgehog Babies

A face only a mother can love. These are some tiny, blind baby hedgehogs. They remind me of those fold and go hair brushes...

Source: ask.nate.com

April 23, 2010

Hogs from other Blogs - NOM NOM NOM

Nom Nom Nom. I have come for your couch change!

A Royal Post

Source: BBC News

The UK's Royal Mail has released Mammal themed stamps this month. One of the animals picked was the Hedgehog!

Hedgehog Nap Cam

Source: nodoff.com

This is a hedgehog taking a nap and being filmed. After hearing all the rustling Peggy makes in the day I am not surprised they move about this much in their sleep. I. Love. This.

The Cage Post

This post is not very exciting but it is important. I have written before about the maintenance of the cage but not the set up. One important factor is that the bottom needs to be solid because your hedgie has gangly legs tucked under that will get caught between wire bottoms. Wire bottom cages will hurt your hedgie so you must have a solid bottom!

Hedgehogs spend thier days resting away from light and they need a hut to hide in. It is important that the hut be large enough for your hog to turn around in. Also key are fresh food and water available at all times and a few toys. Here are some unglamourous pictures of Peggy's abode to give you an idea. (That houff in the corner is Peggy munching her kitten kibble).

April 06, 2010

Naughty Hedgehog

I have no idea what this is advertising but I am not buying!

Hogs from other Blogs - Etsy Art

This gnome and hedgie pairing makes me laugh. The gnome reminds me of the sassy traveling gnome form TV, so it makes perfect sense that he would be buddys with a hedgehog.

Another odd pairing a hedgehog and the famed but rare Jackalope. I love how this is sweet with a quirk.

I like the colourful chaos in this piece. With the clean background and white body, the garden bouquet pops.

This spring print has a retro wallpaper vibe that I am digging. Just like the hedgehog bouquet above, it is chaotic but clean.

Another print from The Paper Tray. Nice and cheerful with a whimsical idea. I don't know that it is the safest stack of critters but they might just be the most charming.

April 01, 2010

Spring Time!

Peggy is starting to show a bit more life in the evenings. I wonder if she knows it is spring even though she is in a false climate inside? Above is a picture of Peggy curious about easter treats. Below is a pic of Peg being an egg.