October 14, 2010

Sick Hedgehog or Just Stinky?

We had a bit of a rough few days at the Hedgehog Manor. After being away from Peg for a night I came home and she smelt "off" ... not stinky per say but something not normal or right. I was very worried she may be sick or have an infected cut from the smell but it was not strong enough to be sure. She was pretty tame and quiet that night. The next night it was the same so I gave her a bath and another check over to see if I could find anything wrong. I did not see any cuts that could make her sick and the smell was gone (perhaps something was stuck in her chubby folds?) Last night was day three of her being "weird". The smell is totally gone and she ate and drank normally and played a bit more than the other two nights. I am now fairly certain that she was just being weird for the sake of weird and nothing is wrong with her health.

It is frustrating and worrisome when you can't really tell what is going on with your little hedgie. This is why it is important to know a vet in your area in case something is wrong (and also have a bit of money saved in case of an emergency visit). I had posted before about vets here. I have found a few more options near my work and home by popping in when I walk by to see if any vets in the office treat Hedgehogs. 9/10 they don't so it is important to find one before an emergency.

October 07, 2010

Happy Halloween from The Hedgehog Manor!

Vampire Hedgehog does NOT glitter  Source 

Hedgehog Anointing Itself

 Hedgehog Behaviour

This little guy looks like he is anointing himself. I have never seen Peg bend like this. Maybe it is a yoga position? Sideways facing hedgehog pose number 2? 

Should you get a hedgehog?


I have often said that getting Peggy was one of the best things I have done. But, I did do some research before adopting her to make sure that a hedgehog would be a good pet for me. Please, make sure you are ready for a pet and for a hedgehog in particular before you get one.

Things to consider:
  • Hedgehogs require patience to cultivate their trust
  • Hedgehogs need regular exercise and play time
  • Hedgehogs require you to clean them frequently (every few days)
  • Hedgehogs need fresh water and food daily
  • Hedgehogs get lonely if you are out all the time and never play with them
  • Hedgehogs need a warm, quiet place in your home without becoming isolated in an unused room
  • Hedgehogs may not be the best idea for young kids and teenagers that cannot be gentle and still
  • Hedgehogs do have quills that can be uncomfortable on your hands
  • Hedgehogs will be playing while you try to sleep
  • Hedgehogs can be initially expensive for setting up their cage, food and toys
  • Hedgehogs occasionally will need to go to the vet
  • Hedgehogs can make it hard to clip their nails
Things that are awesome:
  • Hedgehogs aren't stinky like rodents
  • Hedgehogs like to play in the evening and at night when most people are home from work or school
  • Hedgehogs have soft bellies
  • Hedgehogs all have a unique personality
  • Hedgehogs will make you wonder what they are thinking
  • Hedgehogs don't bark or meow or chirp
  • Hedgehogs don't need you to walk them in the rain
  • Hedgehogs won't use your couch as a scratching post
  • Hedgehogs won't leave hair on your good dress, your couch, your floor or anywhere else 
  • Hedgehogs get used to you caring for them and will trust you
  • Hedgehogs will uncurl for a mani/pedi if you bribe them with treats
  • Hedgehogs will make you laugh with their silly playtime antics
  • Hedgehogs sometimes make sweet snuffly noises while they sleep
  • Hedgehogs are awesome

Simon's Cat meets a Hedgehog!

I love Simon's Cat. With simple lines and black and white he conveys so much expression and the attitude of cats. Much to my excitement and surprise in this latest installment Simon's cat meets a hedgehog. While the hedgie kvetches much more than Peggy does it is still priceless: