January 08, 2010

Hedgehog Baths

Hedgehog grooming is something that I did not think much about when I got Peggy and for the most part she is very low maintenance. The two things I do for grooming are baths and nail trims. Of the two I would much rather give her a bath than a mani/pedi but both are a necessary evil to keep her healthy. For the most part Peggy enjoys a quick bath and can be quite playful during it. The trick is to ensure the water is warm and only come up to her quill line and to make it quick. I use my kitchen sink for her baths because I can regulate the temperature easily and lower the water line if I have misjudged the depth. Also, sometimes she enjoys splashing in a small stream from the tap which is adorable to watch. I only bathe her every few months and use soap every other wash to ensure her skin doesn't dry out. I picked up an unscented no tears pet soap that will last forever because of how few baths she needs.

To bathe her I put a dab of soap in the water and run my hand along her belly (hedgehogs uncurl in water which makes this very easy) and then scoop some soapy water and pour it down her back avoiding her face and ears. I then scoop her up and drain the soapy water and refill with clean, warm water and use this to rinse her (again avoiding the face) and I let her play for a few minutes. Afterwards I scoop her into a towel and let her nuzzle around to dry. This is my favourite part because we cuddle as she dries off. Once she is completely dry I let her play or put her in her cage depending on how long she has been out.

Bathing Tips:
  • Have everything ready before you start the bath
  • Keep the water warm
  • Keep soap and water out of her face and ears
  • Make sure she is fully dry afterwards and don't expose her to a chill from being wet
  • Be prepared to get wet yourself

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