September 25, 2010

Saving Baby Hedgehogs

Saving Baby Hedgehogs @ Yahoo! Video
My Mom sent me this video a few weeks ago. In Vlasim, Czech Republic a shelter is helping the late fall litter of hoglets fatten up enough for winter. As I noted here Hedgehogs hibernate in the winter and need to have enough chub on their little bodies to live through the cold.

Hedgehog Shirts!

Why keep your crazy Hedgehog lady to yourself when you can wear these kick butt shirts! (Seriously you don't need to be a crazy Hedgehog lady to wear these... you can just be a casual Hedgehog enthusiast). 

Rainbow Hedgehog at Threadless

 Sir Hedgehog from


I found this on Threadless!!!


Sonic eating those gold rings


Literal Hedgehog shirt. Why be subtle?

Cats and Hedgehogs

I have the good fortune this weekend of having Emma as my house guest. She is a close second as my favourite quirky creature. Since I live in a shoe box Emma and Peggy are continually interacting. They see each other every few months in a close quarter situation and now I do not have to worry as much about leaving them alone and on the lam for a few minutes. I would not leave Emma to her own devices around Peggy for much longer only because she is a very curious creature and I worry that it may get the best of her one day. Here are some pics I took in the Spring of Emma and Peg. It is sorta an evolution of their relationship. (Apologies for the fuzzy, unrefined nature. They are candids!)

Emma looks sceptical
"This thing is only here temporarily, right?"

Emma keeps her distance initially

But then she gives Peg some belly to show she feels safe.

September 21, 2010

A Hedgehog's Calendar - Autumn

Incredible photo by:

It is Autumn where I live. The season has come on quickly with rainy days and windy nights. There has been little in the way of the crisp, cool autumn that I enjoy. But, I am lucky I am not a Hedgehog. Their Autumn is spent birthing and preparing for the winter.

In early Fall the last litter of Hedgehogs (called Hoglets) are born. These late bloomers must ensure they grow and eat enough to make it through the cold winter. In the upcoming months wild Hedgehogs will be preparing for the shorter, colder days. Hedgehogs do not gather food and store it (as we see in many artist's works).They eat what they find as soon as they find it. This means they need to go all-you-can-eat buffet to boost their weight for Winter. Once the Winter sets in they will find a cozy den to hibernate until the Spring.

Peggy is doing her part to ensure her belly is round despite my reassurances that she will stay nice and toasty and well fed all year. (Domestic Hedgehogs should never, ever hibernate. It is dangerous for them.) She does seem less active now that the days are shortening. It is not a dramatic shift but it is a noticeable slow down in her bursts of playing.

Source: The Hedgehog Calendar

Hogs from Other Blogs - Hedgehog Stealing Dog Food


This video cracks me up. The dog is pretty excited about the thieving wild Hedgehog that is sitting nonchalantly in the dog's dish eating his food! (at about 0:40 you will see the real star of this video). We don't have wild Hedgehogs where I live so I find this fascinating. I am sure it is like a raccoon in the garbage to someone that is used to them. The wild European ones look so different from Peggy (an African Pygmy).


September 01, 2010

Typo Hog


Every morning I grumble that I have to be the one to go out and earn the money for kibble. It is about time that Peg learned to be self sufficient like this little keyboarding hog. I doubt he/she is very precise but that is what spell check is for.