September 25, 2010

Cats and Hedgehogs

I have the good fortune this weekend of having Emma as my house guest. She is a close second as my favourite quirky creature. Since I live in a shoe box Emma and Peggy are continually interacting. They see each other every few months in a close quarter situation and now I do not have to worry as much about leaving them alone and on the lam for a few minutes. I would not leave Emma to her own devices around Peggy for much longer only because she is a very curious creature and I worry that it may get the best of her one day. Here are some pics I took in the Spring of Emma and Peg. It is sorta an evolution of their relationship. (Apologies for the fuzzy, unrefined nature. They are candids!)

Emma looks sceptical
"This thing is only here temporarily, right?"

Emma keeps her distance initially

But then she gives Peg some belly to show she feels safe.

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