June 22, 2010

Hogs from other Blogs - Drunken Hedgehog

I have read many articles about animals getting drunk from eating fermented fruit but this post had me in hysterics!

"A hedgehog had to be rescued in Braunton after getting drunk by eating fermenting apples. The animal — now named Tipsy — was discovered in an orchard on his back and squealing loudly last Wednesday...Ann said: "They had placed it in a guinea pig cage and it kept going round in circles. The hedgehog kept falling over and was on its back with its legs up in the air for most of the time..."
This wee hedgehog probably had a mighty hangover in the morning. Seriously. You must read that post.

June 21, 2010

Would it be awesome or super awesome?

When I am at work I think about how great it would be to bring Peggy with me. Then I remember the day I did bring her... I got nothing done.

June 20, 2010

Snoring Hedgehog

One afternoon while I worked on my computer I heard these tiny, soft whistles coming from Peggy's cage. She was snoring!! I had never heard it before but these little sounds just melted my heart. I only hear it from time to time (I guess she has to be in the right state of sleep) but it is just precious.

Hogs from Other Blogs - More Hedgehog Noms

This little pygmy peeks out to enjoy some veggie treats. The guest star cat is pretty passive about the whole thing!

Hedgehog Summers

Today is the first day of summer! I am so excited for longer days and warmer weather. I find Peggy is also more playful now that it is milder outside. My big concern for her now is water. I have her water in a crockery dish because she won't use a water bottle. It can be frustrating because I find she fouls the water with bits of bedding and hog logs (poop). If will be gone overnight or it will be a long, hot day I put in two dishes of fresh water so that she will not become dehydrated. I also have to ensure that the water is brimming in the bowl because otherwise she can't seem to drink it easily.