March 15, 2011

Sleeping Hedgehog

Luna the Hedgehog
This is Luna the Hedgehog all snuggled up in her cage. I love that you can see her all curled up in the hay. This picture reminds me of another great sneak peek into animal life website called The Squirrel in our Window. It is a little old but has amazing pictures of a mother squrrel and her young in the nest. Not totally hedgehog related but still an adorable read. I still visit the site time to time and marvel over how content the family looks.

March 04, 2011

Baby Hedgehog kicking it

For your Friday viewing pleasure may I present Baby Hedgehog kicking it on a towel. Enjoy!

Source: youtube


Hedgehog Escapees

The breakout caught on camera...
Two little hedgehogs got together and tried to break out of a shelter in East Sussex! Story here.

"The secret escape committee was rumbled by volunteers at the centre who captured a photo of one of the hogs getting a helping hand from a fellow escapee."

This cracks me up. I can just imagine the two plotting and waiting until the light went out and the volunteers went home. This is the most adorable prison break ever! Little did these guys realize that it is much better to be fed and warm all winter in the shelter. They are safe back in their hutch and awaiting their spring release. 

Cooked Bugs for your Hedgehog - Zoo Med Can O' Review #2 Can O' Pillars

Zoo Med's Can O' Pillars
Peggy has just finished her first can of the Can O' Pillars and she really liked them! So, I thought I would share this review to compliment my earlier review here. These are a bit bigger than the meal worms and take her a few bites to get through. They are big and fat so I serve her 2 or 3 and she is a happy little hedgie. I did have to divide and freeze the caterpillars to prevent them from molding before she finished the can. I will definitely order these again.

I also found that slightly increasing her bug content has relieved her dry skin on her back. So. That is also good news. I think it is a combination of the dry winter air/heater being on/needing a few more bugs in her diet.