March 04, 2011

Cooked Bugs for your Hedgehog - Zoo Med Can O' Review #2 Can O' Pillars

Zoo Med's Can O' Pillars
Peggy has just finished her first can of the Can O' Pillars and she really liked them! So, I thought I would share this review to compliment my earlier review here. These are a bit bigger than the meal worms and take her a few bites to get through. They are big and fat so I serve her 2 or 3 and she is a happy little hedgie. I did have to divide and freeze the caterpillars to prevent them from molding before she finished the can. I will definitely order these again.

I also found that slightly increasing her bug content has relieved her dry skin on her back. So. That is also good news. I think it is a combination of the dry winter air/heater being on/needing a few more bugs in her diet.     

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