August 27, 2010

I can lead her to water but I can't make her drink

Wild Hedgehog drinking (source)

I love Peggy, I really do, but sometimes I am concerned that she is ... not the sharpest quill on the hog. I am very diligent about giving her fresh water a couple times a day. What does she do on a hot summer evening with a bowl of cool, clean glacier fed water coming from one of the best sources on earth? She ignores it and instead chews the wet bits of bedding around the bowl. Why?! Do hedgehogs obtain moisture from leaves and forest junk in the wild and she is replicating that behaviour? Or is she just not smart enough to drink the clean water in the bowl?

August 26, 2010

What type of Hedgehog is it?

Fuzzy close up of Peg's quills
There are standards for classifying the type of hedgehog you have. Since Peggy is a rescue I can only guess from the images and descriptions that she is an African Pygmy Hedgehog and would likely be classified as either Chocolate, Cinnamon or Brown. I highly doubt she is a proper pure bred. Curious about classifying your Hedgie? There is an excellent image and descriptive chart here.


I don't know who's art this is but the BF sent it to me a few days ago when I needed a laugh. I am all about puns and terrible jokes. If you know the source leave it in the comments so I can give some credit!

Hogs from Other Blogs - Hedgehog Ring

This ring is quite the showpiece. It is pink gold with ruby eyes and black diamond snout. It was a part of the Boucheron Animal Collection (in 2006 so I am sure it is discontinued). I am drooling over this ... plus it would be a great asset for fisticuffs!  

August 21, 2010

Hogs from Other Blogs - Tenrec Hedgehogs

Spike and Mike the Tenrecs
These little guys look like hedgehogs but actually aren't. They are Lesser Hedgehog Tenrecs! These little guys are living at the Bronx Zoo.
"While they might look like hedgehogs, and even have hedgehog in their name, they are actually a totally different family of mammals. Tenrec species come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some looking like hedgehogs, some like mice, and some even like otters!"
In profile they look more like moles
Source here.

Hedgehog Wine - Rigamarole White Wine


A few weeks ago I was looking for a nice wine with dinner and I found this lovely white. I am not going to lie ... this label sucked me in and I had to try this wine. It is a very refreshing white blend and had a fruity flavour of orchard fruit. They have other animals on their labels but I have a particularly obvious bias to the hedgehog label.

How do you cuddle a Hedgehog? Very Carefully

Peggy getting her cuddle on

On a quiet, lazy night I love to cuddle with Peggy. It is important to pick your hedgehog up bare handed regularly so that she knows your scent, but, if you want to have an extended cuddle you will need a bit of protection between you and the quills. I use the same towel so it always smells like her which she finds comforting. The best part of these cuddles is when I lay on the couch with her resting on my stomach or lap I can feel her little feet padding around as she settles in and even burrow in the folds.She will happily doze in her nest on me for hours or until I twitch... which I do a lot.One night when I was laying there she climbed up my chest and licked the very tip of my nose! It was a very cool moment. I am sure she was just licking a smell but it was very, very memorable. The trick to having a nice mellow cuddle is to let her play until she settles down on her own, then she will love the warm burrow on your belly.

August 05, 2010

Introducing your Hedgehog to Other Pets

Emma chilling in her box on the patio last summer

Hedgehogs are not generally social with other animals. With any creature you should introduce your pet carefully to new animals. My BF has a lovely, curious cat (who turns 6 tomorrow... happy adoption day Emma!) who can be friendly or defensive depending on her mood and on the other pet's actions. (Just like people, gee, who woulda thunk it?).

We discussed how to introduce Peggy and Emma and decided that because Emma likes to be in charge they should be introduced at my place which is Peggy's "turf". With Peg playing on the floor Emma stared with confusion and curiosity at the moving spike ball. Emma curiously sniffed at her and eventually got up the courage to "paw" Peg's back (claws sheathed) Peggy Houffed (see: Houff) and Emma jumped away. This is pretty much the depth of their interaction

We were vigilant supervisors the first several times the two met and I won't leave them totally alone yet (this may change with time but they only meet every few months so I will continue to play lifeguard for now).

So far, Emma mostly ignores Peg but is very curious when Peg plays actively and very jealous when Peg is in her owner's lap. She has been known to squish herself onto his lap, carefully avoiding a tail full of spikes. I am happy that neither is aggressive and Peg seems indifferent/unaware of Emma unless Emma taps her with her paw. Then she will Houff at Emma.

 Mission: Inter Species Non Aggression Pact successful.  

Hogs from Other Blogs - Hedgehog Cheese Grater

I love hedgehogs ... and I love cheese. Who knew these quirks could come together in such a sleek, fun way!? I am fairly useless in the kitchen but this kitchy grater is something that would be fun to pull out when I pretend to cook.