August 21, 2010

How do you cuddle a Hedgehog? Very Carefully

Peggy getting her cuddle on

On a quiet, lazy night I love to cuddle with Peggy. It is important to pick your hedgehog up bare handed regularly so that she knows your scent, but, if you want to have an extended cuddle you will need a bit of protection between you and the quills. I use the same towel so it always smells like her which she finds comforting. The best part of these cuddles is when I lay on the couch with her resting on my stomach or lap I can feel her little feet padding around as she settles in and even burrow in the folds.She will happily doze in her nest on me for hours or until I twitch... which I do a lot.One night when I was laying there she climbed up my chest and licked the very tip of my nose! It was a very cool moment. I am sure she was just licking a smell but it was very, very memorable. The trick to having a nice mellow cuddle is to let her play until she settles down on her own, then she will love the warm burrow on your belly.

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