January 06, 2010

Living Quarters

Home sweet home... well as sweet as I can keep it with her pooping in the corner! Peggy's cage is where she spends most of the day and it is important to me to keep it clean and warm for her. The nice thing about a hedgehog is that they don't have a smell like rodents and other small critters. I originally believed I could get away with cage cleaning only once a week. When I left it this long I found there was an odour and too much poop so I now do it twice a week. I wash her cage and accessories with biodegradable dish soap and put fresh, unscented bedding in the cage.

Things I have learned:
  • Hedgehogs have sensitive respiratory systems and are bothered by strong scents. Unscented bedding is important.
  • Hedgehogs have excellent hearing so being housed near a TV or stereo speakers is not the best place for them.
  • Hedgehogs need a warm place free of drafts. Most sites recommend about 70 degrees Fahrenheit as the lowest temperature.

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