February 09, 2010

Clipped the Quick

It happened. I cut the quick of her nail. On the last nail of the last paw she flinched as I clipped and I nipped the quick with the clippers.

She didn’t make a sound but rolled up defensively. I had to wait for her to uncurl so I could apply the Styptic to the nail to stop the bleeding. Thankfully she only bled a little but I feel just awful about it. I wrapped her in a towel and cuddled with her to make sure that the bleeding did stop before I put her in her cage with some treats. I gave her so many treats in my guilt haze that she got a bit sick from the richness of the mealworms. This completely compounded my palpable guilt.

This was a very clear reminder to me that no matter how careful I am I need to keep the Styptic jar on hand. She seems completely recovered from the accident, but I am definitely not. I feel incredibly guilty for unintentionally hurting her. I really wish there was an easier way to do this nail care business.

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