April 06, 2010

Hogs from other Blogs - Etsy Art

This gnome and hedgie pairing makes me laugh. The gnome reminds me of the sassy traveling gnome form TV, so it makes perfect sense that he would be buddys with a hedgehog.

Another odd pairing a hedgehog and the famed but rare Jackalope. I love how this is sweet with a quirk.

I like the colourful chaos in this piece. With the clean background and white body, the garden bouquet pops.

This spring print has a retro wallpaper vibe that I am digging. Just like the hedgehog bouquet above, it is chaotic but clean.

Another print from The Paper Tray. Nice and cheerful with a whimsical idea. I don't know that it is the safest stack of critters but they might just be the most charming.

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