October 07, 2010

Should you get a hedgehog?


I have often said that getting Peggy was one of the best things I have done. But, I did do some research before adopting her to make sure that a hedgehog would be a good pet for me. Please, make sure you are ready for a pet and for a hedgehog in particular before you get one.

Things to consider:
  • Hedgehogs require patience to cultivate their trust
  • Hedgehogs need regular exercise and play time
  • Hedgehogs require you to clean them frequently (every few days)
  • Hedgehogs need fresh water and food daily
  • Hedgehogs get lonely if you are out all the time and never play with them
  • Hedgehogs need a warm, quiet place in your home without becoming isolated in an unused room
  • Hedgehogs may not be the best idea for young kids and teenagers that cannot be gentle and still
  • Hedgehogs do have quills that can be uncomfortable on your hands
  • Hedgehogs will be playing while you try to sleep
  • Hedgehogs can be initially expensive for setting up their cage, food and toys
  • Hedgehogs occasionally will need to go to the vet
  • Hedgehogs can make it hard to clip their nails
Things that are awesome:
  • Hedgehogs aren't stinky like rodents
  • Hedgehogs like to play in the evening and at night when most people are home from work or school
  • Hedgehogs have soft bellies
  • Hedgehogs all have a unique personality
  • Hedgehogs will make you wonder what they are thinking
  • Hedgehogs don't bark or meow or chirp
  • Hedgehogs don't need you to walk them in the rain
  • Hedgehogs won't use your couch as a scratching post
  • Hedgehogs won't leave hair on your good dress, your couch, your floor or anywhere else 
  • Hedgehogs get used to you caring for them and will trust you
  • Hedgehogs will uncurl for a mani/pedi if you bribe them with treats
  • Hedgehogs will make you laugh with their silly playtime antics
  • Hedgehogs sometimes make sweet snuffly noises while they sleep
  • Hedgehogs are awesome

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