October 14, 2010

Sick Hedgehog or Just Stinky?

We had a bit of a rough few days at the Hedgehog Manor. After being away from Peg for a night I came home and she smelt "off" ... not stinky per say but something not normal or right. I was very worried she may be sick or have an infected cut from the smell but it was not strong enough to be sure. She was pretty tame and quiet that night. The next night it was the same so I gave her a bath and another check over to see if I could find anything wrong. I did not see any cuts that could make her sick and the smell was gone (perhaps something was stuck in her chubby folds?) Last night was day three of her being "weird". The smell is totally gone and she ate and drank normally and played a bit more than the other two nights. I am now fairly certain that she was just being weird for the sake of weird and nothing is wrong with her health.

It is frustrating and worrisome when you can't really tell what is going on with your little hedgie. This is why it is important to know a vet in your area in case something is wrong (and also have a bit of money saved in case of an emergency visit). I had posted before about vets here. I have found a few more options near my work and home by popping in when I walk by to see if any vets in the office treat Hedgehogs. 9/10 they don't so it is important to find one before an emergency.

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