February 18, 2011

Brazos Museum - Name that Hedgehog!

Maria Lazo, Museum Associate Director with the nameless hedgie

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History has received a rescue hedgie from the The Brazos Animal Shelter in Texas. The museum intends to use the little guy for educational programming. You can visit the hedgie and participate in the naming contest they are holding. I looked on the Museum website and it seems like you need to go in person to participate. The museum looks like a very cool place with lots of interesting exhibits. Too bad it is a *bit* of a commute from Canada.

I had a hard time figuring out what to name Peggy. I had to try a few different names over the course of a few days but then finally decided on Peggy for reasons I posted here. Actually to be very specific her full name is Lady Margaret Tiggywinkle. But that is more for a lark than anything. I know, I am a total geek. How did you name your Hedgehog?

Sources: http://www.wtaw.com / http://www.brazosvalleymuseum.org/

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