June 02, 2011

A Hedgehog's Calendar - Spring


So, I am a bit late but it is still technically Spring so what better time to discuss what spring is like for a hedgehog? Exactly. I did have to do a bit more research for this as I have no experience with baby hedgehogs.

After a long winter's nap these little spike balls are thirsty, hungry and looking for love. How do hedgehogs make babies? Not as carefully as you would assume. Nature is a smart designer and they are able to maneuver themselves so that neither is poked with quills. It is all about angles. *wink* We don't have wild hedgehogs where I live but I understand they can be quite noisy at this time of year.

The mama hedgehog gestates for 35-58 weeks and can have up to four litters a year. The average number of hoglets (baby hedgehogs) born is 3 - 4 per litter. They are born blind with their quills under their skin that will come through after they have been cleaned. The mama hedgehog will nurture her young for approximately two months before they leave the nest for their own adventures.

Nursing Mama and her hoglets (source)

Sources:  wikipedia / hem.passagen.se/hedgehogs / hedgehoghollow.com

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