September 12, 2011

Chubes Pet Toy Review

Peggy loves her Chube! (and also that TP tube)

Most hedgehogs and small pocket pets love to play with tubes and Peggy is no different. I have tried and tried many homemade and store bought toys (as noted here: Exhibit A and Exhibit B) but nothing makes her as happy as walking around viewing the world from several inches away through a narrow tube. When she was little I only needed to give her TP and paper towel rolls to play with but as she grew she couldn't easily fit her face into them anymore and became bored with the game. Then I broke down and paid for some Chubes. I am happy I did because she loves them. She plays with them endlessly and they are a fairly inexpensive treat for her. 

Chubes are made from vegetable paper and vegetable dyes so I do not have to worry about her ingesting something that could make her sick. They also come in several sizes and colours. You could even colour code your play area if you are really serious about matching. Inside is a little bit of fluff that she can pull out and play with or burrow in. They are quite durable but should be replaced if they become soiled or badly damaged. You can find them pretty much anywhere pet supplies are sold.

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