November 04, 2011

Goodnight Sweet Peggy


My little Peggy went over the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago. I am still heartbroken and missing her terribly. She was an amazing ambassador for hedgehogs as pets and even inspired me to begin this blog. I have thought long and hard about whether or not to continue and I have decided I will because animal welfare is a cause close to my heart and I think if she  knew what a blog was she would agree. 
I miss her little snuffles and having her run around my feet as she played. I miss her soft little belly and silly antics. I miss her waking me up in the night playing. I miss how she would run to my voice when we were in a strange place and how she trusted me to care for her after such a rough start as a rescue. 
My heart is carved out right now so posting may be sporadic for the next little while but the Hedgehog Manor will continue.

Good Night Sweet Peggy. 

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