January 21, 2010

Hedgehog Winters

Wild hedgehogs spend their winters burrowed deep inhibernation while domestic hedgehogs spend their winters indoors being forced to participate in Christmas card photo shoots (at least Peggy does). Winter can be difficult for your little hog and it is important that you keep them warm and away from drafts. Ideally your hedgehog should not be exposed to temperatures below 21 C / 70 F. On cold days, especially if it snows, I leave the heat on while I am at work. It is very dangerous for domestic hedgehogs to hibernate and can be deadly so it is important to keep her warm and cozy. I have taken an old fleece blanket (thank you Alaska Air!) and cut it into smaller 8 x 8 inch squares for mini blankets. The fleece is perfect because it has no loose threads to tangle her feet, no need to edge it and can be tossed when it gets gross from little hog logs. Plus it doubles as another toy in her cage for burrowing and pushing around. It gives her some control on temperature and on milder nights I have seen her push it right out of her hut. On very cold nights I have even thrown a small blanket over her cage to keep the heat in after I have turned it off for the night.

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