January 21, 2010

Hogs from other Blogs - Etsy Purses

Etsy.com is one of my favourite sites for exploring on a slow day. I love how people are able to take the mix of ideas in their heads and produce very unique items of every size, medium, and subject. Below are some cute and creative bags:
Picture: Orwell Clutch from Tsurubride's shop on Etsy.com

I love this clutch from Tsurubride's shop. It is even metallic which appeals to the magpie in me!

Picture: Hedgehog Field Bag from Rainbowswirlz shop on Etsy.com
The functionality of a hedgehog field bag makes the practical part of me smile. Its a practical bag with a sweet little silhouette holding a flower just pour vous!
Picture: Happy Hedgehog Bag from Queenbee55's shop on Etsy.com

Another Hedgehog offering a gift, this time a four leaf clover. I think I could almost get away with this one at work. The contrasting browns and the pop of green from the clover make this one of my favourites!
Picture: Kawaii Hedgehog purse from Cheryland's shop on Etsy.com
This little colourful purse features a hedgehog just out doing some hedgehog things on a hillside. Very cute! I like how it is small enough that you can add a bit of hedgehog to every outfit.

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